New Book: 10 Irrefutable Mind Body Principles for Living

Preface With 50 years of teaching all over the world, in multiple cultures, testing and distilling philosophies of life and action, we bring you these simple unifying principles that make sense in all situations and make life easier. We have applied these principles in thought and action, in movement and in discussion. These principles are [...]

New Book: A Collection of MBS Movement Lessons (preview)

After many years of requests from practitioners, the Trainers at MBS Academy have published the first edition of MBS Movement Lesson transcripts. In this book, you will find eight of the 'classic' lessons transcribed into easy to use formats for you to present in Group Classes to your clients. Enjoy! Preface This collection of Movement [...]

Loosening the Grip of Anxiety

“Nothing is permanent about our behaviour patterns except our belief that they are so.”  ― Moshé Feldenkrais Anxiety can take many forms, from panic attacks and social anxiety to phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It’s quite normal to feel anxiety from time to time, but for many of us, it can keep us from doing what we [...]

Small Movements Lead to Big Changes; a Physical Therapists experience with MBS

As a Physical Therapist (PT) with over 15 years of experience my outlook on treating patients has been broadened and enriched through Mind Body Studies (MBS), based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. In PT practice, I would primarily treat a patient by focusing on the location of pain, discomfort, or symptoms. But as a [...]

How MBS has Improved Every Facet of my Equestrian Life

Emily Glidden, owner of The Feeling Rider ( has studied the Murdoch Method, Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®, and will complete her training with MBS Academy in 2019. She resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. Moving Through: How MBS Academy Foundation Training Has Improved Every Facet of my Equestrian Life After years of deeply enjoying the lessons of [...]

What MBS Taught Me – An interview with MBS Assistant Tom Rankin

An athlete his entire life, Tom Rankin is a personal trainer who presently teaches fitness classes at the Health Improvement Program(HIP) Center at Stanford University, California. After completing his Feldenkrais Guild Certification, he has been studying with MBS Academy for the past 10 years, and is currently an MBS Assistant. The MBS approach was new [...]