Moshe Feldenkrais said about his life’s workIt is a special kind of learning: that of knowing oneself. Learning “how” you are acting and thus able to do “what” you want.

This is a learning method. We call ourselves an academy for learning the studies of mind/body.  We do not practice medicine.  We do not practice healing.  But it often happens that through the process of self-explorations and discoveries, health improves and healing occurs.

The genius of Moshe is that his principles are backed by a practical system that can be taught and learned by all (including animals)!  He used to say that anything that cannot be taught is of no use.  We always felt that our theory can be practically demonstrated, explained, taught and learned.

Two central themes:

1. We practice studying our Selves, our bodies and the way we think, feel and act.  When we  know these ideas, we can take responsibility for what we do, we recognize our potentials and we can live up to them.

2. In saying “When I know what I do, I can do what I want”, the key words are “I” “DO”  “CAN” and “WANT”.

  • We start with  “I” – Who am I? We begin to explore this mind/body entity through the body sensations.  Through contact (floor and touch) and  orientation (movement process), the experienced teacher can guide us to provide clear feedback, and through that, self knowledge and understanding.
  • The “DO” – explore how I initiate and develop a movement and whether it fits with my intention. Follow the process of the performance; how far do I go? when and why do I stop?  Study differences: between the easy, flowing, pleasant performance and the clumsy, limited and forced.  Realizing that I am in charge of my actions.
  • Then the “CAN” – here comes the AWARENESS of ‘who I am and what I do’.  I can learn to take responsibility for how I act: quality, quantity, direction and timing.  I am this mind/body and I can be in charge.


After the lesson, you can demonstrate how this is A WAY OF LIFE.

Any movement can be a lesson – depending on your awareness.

There must always be some area, some place, even if it is tiny, some situation that can be improved.

PAIN is only the communication from the body:  The place one is most aware of (feel and think).  How can you continue functioning normally (healthily) in the rest of the system (body/mind)?

Using the MIND and the memories of health and power allow you to activate your body to what you CAN DO now.

The great gifts of medicine and science.

Mia Segal, 2010

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MBS Academy is the premier training center for Dr. Feldenkrais' Mind Body Studies.

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