An athlete his entire life, Tom Rankin is a personal trainer who presently teaches fitness classes at Stanford University. After completing his Feldenkrais Guild Certification, he has been studying with MBS Academy for the past 10 years, and is currently an MBS Assistant.

Tom Rankin, an experienced Feldenkrais Practitioner from California, began his continuing education studies on MBS Online Academy six months ago.  In that time, his classes have doubled in size and understanding of this work continues to grow. 

A Feldenkrais Practitioner’s experience with MBS Online Academy

For years, I have been telling myself that Feldenkrais is an acquired taste.  Only a few people are able appreciate its subtle lessons.  Imagine my surprise, when suddenly, my classes doubled in size.   I hate to admit it, but my teaching was limited and confusing.

I asked long time students if they noticed a difference during the last few months.  They did, citing that the lessons were now easier to follow and they were learning much more about themselves.  How did I make such positive changes?

I took advantage of MBS Online Academy.   Demystifying Awareness Through Movement is a great place to start.   I was very pleasantly surprised of the wealth of information in this program.

There are four lessons:

  • Flexible Minds,
  • Reprogramming and Rewiring,
  • Psychological Impact and
  • Independent Exploration. 

Each lesson comes with an Introductory Lecture, Practical Demonstration, Experiential Awareness Through Movement lesson, Core Principle Document and Discussion Question.   Each of these elements enables you to learn by seeing, listening and doing.  I found many long time questions answered including some I never even considered.


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During this process, I became interested in the other MBS Core Principles™.  Luckily, these are also available at the Academy. I would read one during the morning and meditate on it the rest of the day.  Between the two, I was able to see the big picture of how awareness transforms us.   Also important is the little picture, how to teach lessons.

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I always wanted to do the MBS Foundation Training.   Unfortunately, I did not have the resources.  So I did the next best thing, attend the MBS Online Academy Foundation Review.  Each segment focuses on a particular ATM.   By the time I am finished with a segment, I know:

1.     The intent of the lesson.

2.     How to give clear, precise and simple instructions.

3.     What In-Betweens (questions to guide student’s awareness) to use.

4.     And even how to use the ATM as an FI.

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Teaching and learning Feldenkrais has never been so easy or more fun.   I am able to study on my own schedule and convenience.  If I am unsure or unclear about a concept or lesson, I simply review it.  The Online Academy helps me learn more about myself.  In turn, I am better able to guide my students to learn more about themselves.

MBS Academy, thank you on the behalf of my students and myself,

Tom Rankin


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