Mia Segal, MBS Master Trainer and Co-Founder of MBS Academy, is known for her unequalled mastery of the work and as a superb teacher. Mia was Dr. Feldenkrais’ first assistant, collaborator and associate for sixteen years.

In April 1957, I joined Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in his explorations into mind/body and the powerful gift that we humans can use, which is awareness, the ability to monitor what we do. Since then I followed his teachings and spread it with him till the end of his life.

These are many years of following a path, and I still feel that there is a long way ahead. When I started, the idea of mind/body being one was not common knowledge in the Western part of the world. Words like awareness, yoga, acupuncture were hardly mentioned, yet today, even the word spirituality has infiltrated into scientific discussions and conferences.

Movement and awareness were the tools that Dr. Feldenkrais chose to use to prove his philosophy. The genius of these theories is that they are grounded, backed by the fact that you can perform and apply them practically. Theories are interesting, yet unless able to bring them to life they remain useless. Moshe left an endless wealth of movement combinations that exist today that prove his ideas and are taught and learned and practiced all over the world, changing people’s lives for the better

Moshe used to say that unless a theory can be taught, it is not really useful. We, at Mind Body Studies Academy, are doing our best to continue to spread this learning. It can be passed on, ideas and practice. There is no limit to improvement.”

Mia Segal, 2016

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