We are looking to the future.  We will begin training the next generation of MBS Assistants and Trainers.

In the spirit of MBS Academy’s multiple missions of passing on the work of Dr. Feldenkrais, empowering our students, and introducing this work to larger audiences around the globe, we have created the MBS Assistant Trainers Track.

MBS Academy is committed to stay true to the integrity of the work, while taking it forward and making it relevant to today’s world. This means it must be transparent, logical, clear and applicable to a range of professions, personal interests and needs.

Therefore, an MBS Assistant and Trainer must be dedicated to understand Mind Body Studies from the inside out and committed to sharing these values.

We are looking for talented and dedicated team-players to join our commitment to move this work forward. We encourage and support each one to forge their way, while keeping their feet on the solid foundation of this work. For this, we need to share and agree on preserving the simplicity and authenticity, while continuing to develop the best parts of Mind Body Studies.

We see this as a long term, mutually nourishing and satisfying relationship. We will be investing a huge amount of time, heart and combined knowledge to train this next generation of MBS Assistants and Trainers.


Who should apply?

If you feel you share the same goals as MBS Academy, we invite you to apply for the next MBS Trainers Training.

The ideal candidates have four important qualities:

  1. Integrity
  2. Dedication
  3. Motivation
  4. Team Player


What is the process of becoming an MBS Trainer?

MBS Assistants and Trainers will complete training seminars, both in-person and virtually, along with a 2 year mentorship for the duration of an MBS Foundation Training.  Monthly trainer meetings, trainer preparation days prior to Foundation seminars, and weekly preparation meetings with MBS Trainers can be expected.

Continuous feedback and mentoring is provided by MBS Trainers as well as ongoing support and guidance from MBS Master Trainers.

For more information on becoming an MBS Assistant Trainee, contact us at info@mbsacademy.org.


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