Jane Meek is an MBS Practitioner, Pilates teacher and Myofascial Release Practitioner. Both Pilates and MBS provide a means of helping clients through enhanced movement ability and better postural awareness. She resides in Glasglow, United Kingdom.

“It comes down to the asking of questions and the readiness to go with what you get, rather than a pre-determined idea.”

MBS Practitioner Jane Meek describes this orientation of “asking rather than telling” as a central underpinning of her work with MBS. She has found the emphasis on inquiry to be useful in her work both with Pilates and with myofascial release.

Jane describes the process of “asking questions with her hands” not only to be “very liberating”, but as central to opening up the possibility for change:

“Any time that I touch somebody, my intention is to ask a question. Do you want to move this way? If I press you here, what do you do?”

Instead of approaching each new client based on her expertise, Jane’s emphasis is on seeing each situation freshly. Asking questions instead of delivering answers recalls the “Beginner’s Mind” orientation that is vital to so many mindfulness practices.


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