After many years of requests from practitioners, the Trainers at MBS Academy have published the first edition of MBS Movement Lesson transcripts. In this book, you will find eight of the ‘classic’ lessons transcribed into easy to use formats for you to present in Group Classes to your clients. Enjoy!


This collection of Movement Lessons is a reference guide for anyone presenting Mind Body Studies Movement Lessons and Feldenkrais ATMs™.

This first collection is a concise, clear distillation of exercises which were invented by Dr. Feldenkrais, applied by Mia Segal and me, and coded during our joint four decades of international teaching.

With the added perspective of forty five years of teaching and research, and added to by the developments of science, and my further studies in behavioural sciences and brain research, I have worked on coding and organizing it all so it hangs well together and makes sense. 

For years I have been hearing the difficulties practitioners and teachers are having in understanding and presenting the work and a need for consolidated, well organized lesson collections. 

This handbook will enable you to understand the underlying significant pieces, so that you can construct the lessons with the most clarity and impact.

We chose the lessons in this collection specifically because Moshe, Mia and I have always viewed them as the ‘classic’ bases of the work.

Our format of writing the lessons provides the minimal but most essential guidelines and instructions.  This frees you to add your personality, timing, group pacing and experience, to make each lesson a memorable experience.

Leora Gaster

How to use this Book

There are three things to keep in mind:

  1. There is a consistency and simplicity that unites all the work.  Most of the hundreds of Movement Lessons® (ATM®) are actually variations on a few themes.  These translate directly to the Hands-On Integration Lessons® (FI®).
  2. The structure is straightforward: differentiating structure and content – Movements and InBetweens® (awareness instructions).
  3. Applying the MBS Principles (Guidebook available) keeps you focused on goals and deeper meanings of each lesson.

Movement Lessons are comprised of three parts:

  1. Scans
  2. Movements: Precision instructions for body positions changes
  3. In-Betweens:  Guided attention, usually through questions

Teaching MLs: 

  1. Identify the level of your student or group.
  2. Choose the Principle you want to communicate. Each of the transcripts provides the most relevant Principles discovered through it.
  3. This book will guide you how to select your IBTs and words. The goal is to be precise, so students can easily follow instructions, yet not too specific, so your student can explore and discover in their own way.
  4. It is not necessary to ‘finish’ an ML. Staying with less movements and the right IBTs  provide more scope to go deeper and learn more.

Movement Lesson Transcripts – Listed

  1. 6 & 12 in lying
  2. Diagonals
  3. Extensors
  4. Flexors
  5. Head Up & Down
  6. Lengthening the Arms
  7. Sitting Back on the Heels
  8. Twist on the Back

To purchase this book and begin presenting Grounded, Precise and Simple Movement Lessons that bring results to your clients, click on the link below for USA or International orders.


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Published by MBS Academy

MBS Academy is the premier training center for Dr. Feldenkrais' Mind Body Studies.

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