Jane Meek is an MBS Practitioner, Pilates teacher and Myofascial Release Practitioner. Both Pilates and MBS provide a means of helping clients through enhanced movement ability and better postural awareness. She resides in Glasglow, United Kingdom. “It comes down to the asking of questions and the readiness to go with what you get, rather than a […]

How MBS can complement other Mind Body practices

Mind Body Studies Practitioners and students describe the ways that Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ work helps their practices on the yoga mat or the meditation cushion. MBS and Yoga: Finding the Heart of the Practice  Maxi Roedl, a yoga instructor and MBS Practitioner, has found that the principles of Moshe’s teachings have influenced her instruction within […]

MBS and MEDITATION: Turning Attention Inward

Turning inward is a challenge for many who practice meditation, particularly forms of meditation that work with the mindfulness of one’s own breath, thoughts, or movements. In daily life, we spend most of our time focused on external situations that seem to demand our reactions. It can be challenging to direct our attention away from […]

MBS and YOGA: Finding the Heart of the Practice 

Maxi Roedl is a yoga instructor and MBS Practitioner. She runs a studio (myoga-bremen.de/myoga/) in Bremen, Germany. Maxi Roedl, a yoga instructor and MBS Practitioner, has found that the principles of Moshe’s teachings have influenced her instruction within her yoga classes. Instead of adding anything extra on to her classes, she finds that the influence […]

The Next Generation of MBS Trainers

A MESSAGE FROM MBS ACADEMY MASTER TRAINERS AND FOUNDERS: We are looking to the future.  We will begin training the next generation of MBS Assistants and Trainers. In the spirit of MBS Academy’s multiple missions of passing on the work of Dr. Feldenkrais, empowering our students, and introducing this work to larger audiences around the globe, we have created the MBS […]

From the pen of MIA SEGAL: My Mission of Passing Moshe’s Work Onward

Mia Segal, MBS Master Trainer and Co-Founder of MBS Academy, is known for her unequalled mastery of the work and as a superb teacher. Mia was Dr. Feldenkrais’ first assistant, collaborator and associate for sixteen years. In April 1957, I joined Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in his explorations into mind/body and the powerful gift that we humans can […]

Testimonial: My experience of an MBS Advanced Seminar

“An Advanced Seminar with Mind Body Studies is a challenging experience on all fronts:  experientially, intellectually and professionally.  Incomplete concepts, lack of physical mastery skills and inhibiting underlying assumptions about the Feldenkrais Method are revealed for personal evaluation.   There is such a comprehensive understanding of how Feldenkrais himself worked and evolved, and a generous sharing […]

Expanding my learning with MBS Online Academy; a practitioners testimonial

An athlete his entire life, Tom Rankin is a personal trainer who presently teaches fitness classes at Stanford University. After completing his Feldenkrais Guild Certification, he has been studying with MBS Academy for the past 10 years, and is currently an MBS Assistant. Tom Rankin, an experienced Feldenkrais Practitioner from California, began his continuing education studies on […]

Bringing an MBS perspective to Pilates: An interview with MBS Practitioner Jane Meek

Jane Meek is a graduate of the MBS Foundation training (2011) and a Body Control Pilates Instructor and Remedial Massage and Advanced Myofascial Therapist based in Glasgow, Scotland. In her work with clients and students in these two distinct contexts, Jane has described MBS as “running through everything and underpinning everything rather than the other way […]